Station 1 | "Rockford Station"



Engine 51

2016 Pierce Saber: This Type 1 engine has a pump rated at 1500 gpm, carries 1000 g of water, and is equipped to dispense Class A and Class B foam. It is powered by a 420 hp Cummins Turbo Diesel engine and an Allison World transmission.It carries a crew of five in its enclosed cab. This is the Fire Districts newest apparatus.

Booster 57Booster 57

1999 Pierce Initial Attack Pumper: This apparatus is based on a Ford F-550 chassis with a Powerstroke Diesel engine. It carries 200 gallons of water, has a 450 gpm pump, is plumbed for 4-inch intake and class A and B foam. It carries a crew of three, and contains the department's medical quick-response equipment. This apparatus is used for emergency medical response, and responds to nearly all of our fire calls.In remote locations, it is used as a manifold to distribute water in remote locations
that E-54 and E-55 cannot access.

Salvage 58Salvage 58

2000 Ford E-450 Van: This van responds to structure fires and contains a cascade air system for refilling self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) air bottles.It also contains various other equipment for salvage and overhaul operations.This apparatus provides mutual aid assistance to neighboring fire districts on request.

Tender 59Tender 59

1981 International Tender: This 1981 International water tender apparatus has a pump rated at 350 gpm, carries 2500g of water, and is equipped to dispense Class A foam. It is powered by a detroit Turbo Diesel. It was converted from a U.S. Forest Service tender in 1984.

Brush 53Brush 53

1991 Chevrolet: This Type 6 engine has a pump rated at 250 gpm, carries 200 g of water, and is equipped to dispense Class A foam. It is powered by a 454 ci Chevrolet V8. It is used to fight wild land and brush fires. This vehicle was acquired from the Oregon Department of Forestry.

Station 2 | "Bob Nickelsen Station"

Station 2 | "Bob Nickelsen Station"

Engine 55Engine 55

2006 Pierce Enforcer: It holds 1000 gallons of water with a 1250 gpm dual stage pump. It is white & blue. White was our department's original color. It's our mutual aid apparatus, it is fully stocked with EMS supplies and has our TIC on it. It seats 5 fire personnel. 400 hp Cummins with an Alison transmission.

Rescue 1Rescue 1

This 2004 Ford F-350 Super Duty Crew Cab. Purchased in 2004 through a generous grant from the Odell Lions, this truck responds to all motor vehicle accidents in Hood River County. It contains Hurst extrication equipment and carries a maximum crew of five. It is jointly owned by all of the valley fire departments and is operated by West Side Fire District.

Mass Caualty TrailerMass Casualty Trailer

Funded by a FEMA Preparedness grant this trailer is for regional dispatch for large scale incidents or training. The trailer will support treatment and triage of roughly 70 people dependant on the incident. The Trailer is owned by the fire district and housed at Westside Fire Station # 2. The unit is jointly operated by Hood River County Fire Services.

Brush 52Brush 52

2005 Ford F550: Brush 52 was previously owned by Oregon Department of Forestry and obtained through the state and federal surplus program. This unit is a 2005 Ford F550 with a slide in 300 gallon tank and pump unit. This is the districts main Wildland response unit for in district incidents and out of district incidents.