Mass Casualty Unit


mass casualty incident (often shortened to MCI and sometimes called a multiple-casualty incident or multiple-casualty situation) is any incident in which emergency medical services resources, such as personnel and equipment, are overwhelmed by the number and severity of casualties. For example, an incident where a two-person crew is responding to a motor vehicle collision with three severely injured people could be considered a mass casualty incident. The general public more commonly recognizes events such as building collapses, train and bus collisions, earthquakes and other large-scale emergencies as mass casualty incidents.

Funded by a FEMA Preparedness grant Hood River County's MCI trailer is for regional dispatch for large scale incidents or training. The trailer will support treatment and triage of roughly 70 people dependant on the incident. The Trailer is owned by the fire district and housed at Westside Fire Station # 2. The unit is jointly operated by Hood River County Fire Services.