IMG_2565Establishing values embraced by all members of an organization is extremely important. Values recognize those features and considerations that make up the personality of the department.

To Our Residents
We owe our residents the highest quality of service possible. This is stated by our motto: “Neighbor helping Neighbor”.

To Our District
We owe the District our full commitment and dedication. As volunteers, we also must place our family and outside profession in a place of importance; so as not to deter our ability to focus on our commitment to promote teamwork and organizational effectiveness.

031To Each Other
We owe each other an environment characterized by trust and respect, fostering honest communication and a safe work environment based on fire service tradition of “Every One Goes Home”.

To Ourselves
We will continue to seek knowledge and train to the best of our ability in order to protect ourselves and our brothers and sisters in our difficult and challenging tasks.

IMG_0797Values Statements

We value integrity, which is doing the right thing when no one is looking. It is not always taking the easy route, but taking the right route. Through integrity we strive to meet moral, legal, and ethical responsibilities and obligations. It is putting our community and organization before ourselves.

We consider the needs of others before our own. We honor our profession and we will inspire each other to retain trust and respect.

We value safety as an attitude towards ourselves and the public by having a culture where we teach, communicate, and not become complacent. We are proactive in identifying safety concerns as a priority and addressing them before issues arise. Our culture of open communication allows us to identify safety issues from all levels of the department.

We protect and serve our community with a commitment to performance and excellence.

We value teamwork and realize we cannot do this job alone. We are a family and community‐oriented department that values equality and productivity. We look out for each other by communicating. We proactively utilize our diverse strengths to produce positive outcomes.

The preservation of life is our sacred duty. We will overcome adversity by training and compassion for others. We aspire to do the right thing not when it’s convenient but at all times.