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Neighbor helping neighbor since 1948.

The West Side Fire District shall help preserve and enhance the quality of life in our community by protecting life and property in and around the fire district by providing: Fire Suppression, Fire Prevention, Emergency Medical Services, Public Awareness Programs, Inspections and other related services. This shall be accomplished by the dedicated service of our volunteer firefighters.


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Visit the Oregon Department of Forestry’s Central Oregon District Info page here. The District is responsible for the protection of 2.2 million acres of private and public forest and rangeland in 11 counties in the north-central portion of Oregon.

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Annual Hood River County Fire Departments Christmas Lighted Truck Parade 2017 6:00-9:00 p.m. Monday: December 11th​ Odell/ Pine Grove Route: Static Display at the Odell Fire Station from 6:00 PM to 6:15 PM. Travel north on Odell Hwy to Mud Alley. Mud Alley loop to Odell Hwy. North on Odell Hwy to Summit Dr. West on Summit Dr to Wy’East Rd. North on Wy’East Rd to Chamberlain Dr. West on Chamberlain Dr, loop back to Summit Rd. East on Summit Rd to Bartlett Dr. South on Bartlett Dr to Wy’East Rd. South on Wy’East Rd to Davis Dr. East on Davis Dr to AGA Rd. North on AGA Rd to AGA Trailer Park. Loop through trailer park back to AGA Rd. North on AGA Rd to Odell Hwy. North on Odell Hwy to Homestead Dr. East on Homestead Dr. to Maple Rd. South on Maple Rd to Cedar Dr. East on Cedar Dr. to Tamarack Rd. North on Tamarack Rd to Jones Rd., around Jones Loop back to Tamarack Rd. South on Tamarack Rd to Beachwood Dr. West on Beachwood Dr to Willow Rd. South on Willow Rd to Chevron Dr. East on Chevron Dr to Midway Dr. South on Midway Dr to Gateway Dr. East on Gateway Dr to Lingren Dr. South on Lingren Dr to Chevron Dr. South on Chevron Dr to Odell Hwy. East on Odell Hwy to Hwy 35. Northeast on Hwy 35 to Sunday Dr. Southeast on Sunday Dr to Neal Creek Rd. South on Neal Creek Rd to Thomsen Rd. East on Thomsen Rd to Fir Mtn Rd. East on Fir Mtn Rd to Wells Dr. East on Wells Dr, loop to Pine Grove School. West on Van Horn Dr to Hwy 35. South on Hwy 35 to Glass Dr. East on Glass Dr to Eastside Rd. North on Eastside Rd to Highline Dr. North on Highline Dr to Old Columbia River Hwy. West on Old Columbia River Hwy to China Gorge restaurant. Static Display at the China Gorge Restaurant/Carpool Lot for 10-15 minutes. Tuesday: December 12th​Parkdale/Dee Route: Static Display at Parkdale Fire Station from 6:00 Pm to 6:15 PM West on Baseline Rd to 5th St. North on 5th St, loop back to Base Line Rd. South on Clear Creek Rd to Culbertson Rd. East on Culbertson Rd to Baseline Rd. North on Baseline Rd to Toll Bridge Rd. North on Toll Bridge Rd to Hwy 35. North on Hwy 35 to Miller Rd. East on Miller Rd, loop to Hwy 35. South on Hwy 35 to Woodworth Dr. West on Woodworth Dr to Old Parkdale Rd. South on Old Parkdale Rd to Trout Creek Ridge Rd. West on Trout Creek Ridge Rd, loop to Dee Hwy. North on Dee Hwy to Punchbowl Rd. West on Punchbowl Rd to Green Dr. South on Green Dr to Collins Rd. South on Collins Rd to Alder Rd. North on Alder Rd, West on Lost Lake Rd to Bus Turn Around. Back to Dee Fire Station. Static Display at Dee Fire Station for 10-15 minutes. Wednesday: December 13th West Side/Hood River Route: West on Barrett Dr to Markham Dr. South on Markham Dr to Portland Dr. East on Portland Dr to Tucker Rd. North on Tucker Rd to Orchard Rd. East on Orchard Rd, loop to Tucker Rd. West on Tucker Rd to Barrett Dr. West on Barrett Dr to Methodist Dr. North on Methodist Dr to Belmont Dr. North on Belmont Dr to Westside Elementary School. Static Display at Westside Elementary School for 15 minutes. (Approx 6:45 PM) East on Belmont Drive to Avalon Dr. South on Avalon Dr to Adams Loop. South on Adams Loop, loop to St. Charles Place Rd. North on St. Charles Place Rd to Park Place Loop. West on Park Place Loop, loop to St. Charles Place Rd. North on St. Charles Place Rd to Belmont Dr. East on Belmont Ave to Henderson Rd. South on Henderson Rd to Avalon Dr. East on Avalon Dr. Loop to Belmont Ave. West on Belmont Ave to 22nd St. North on 22nd St to May St. West on May St to 30th St. North on 30th St to Eugene St. East on Eugene St to Rand Rd. South on Rand Rd to Montello Ave. East on Montello Ave to Prospect Ave. East on Prospect Ave to 17th St. North on 17th St to Eugene Ave. West on Eugene Ave to 25th St. North on 25th St to Sherman Ave. West on Sherman Ave to Rand Rd. North on Rand Rd to Wasco Ave. East on Wasco Ave to 18th St. North on 18th St to Hope Ave. East on Hope Ave to Wasco Ave. East on Wasco Ave to 13th St. South on 13th St to Columbia Ave. East on Columbia Ave to 9th St. South on 9th St to Oak St. West on Oak St to 13th St. South on 13th/12th St to Brookside Dr. West on Brookside Dr to Down Manor and Brookside Manor. East on Brookside Dr to Eliot Dr. East on Eliot Dr to 8th St. North on 8th St to Heights Ave. East on Heights Ave to rear Hawks Ridge Drive Way, loop to Pacific Ave. East on Pacific Ave to 4th St. North on 4th St to Betty Lou Ave. West on Betty Lou Ave to 5th St. South on 5th St to Pacific Ave. West on Pacific Ave to 12th St. North on 12th St to Pine St. East on Pine St to 4th St. North on 4th St to May St. West on May St to 12th St. North on 12th St to Sherman Ave. East on Sherman Ave to 9th St. North on 9th St to State St. East on State St to Front/State St. Static Display at Front and State Street Parking lots for 15 minutes.

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Thank you for the amazing support! The Santa breakfast is our only fundraiser for the Leo Phillips Scholarship. This scholarship is used by members to further education in medical and fire career fields. This year we exceeded any other years attendance with roughly 550 guests for breakfast.

Thank you!
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Public Education today at Westside School! ... See MoreSee Less

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